Cultivating agility for the 21st century

Beacon Consulting has supported us in a major strategic and organization thinking project to transform our marketing function towards a fully integrated digital, marketing and communication function. The deep FMCG business understanding of our coach, combined with strong coaching skills were instrumental in getting this project off the ground and aligning all stakeholders towards this transformation.Isabelle Minneci, Global HR Director, L’Oreal Professional products division


Deepening leadership strengths and understanding of differences

The team at Beacon Consulting have really helped us to transform how we work as a joined-up leadership team and beyond, much more aware of our strengths and also our blindspots. Working with MBTI gave us such a powerful foundation to work more effectively together, building upon our strengths and differences much more effectively than before. The dynamic and modern approach of the team at Beacon was eye-opening and different, with great energy and new, practical tools that we continue to use in our everyday working environment.Jane Jones, Marketing Director, Fuller's

Co-creating a new vision for growth

As suppliers to the Beauty Industry for 30 years, we are responsible for bringing over 20 brands to the UK market. To scope the potential of a new hair care brand, we chose to work with Beacon Consulting. Having the benefit of Beacon Consulting’s extensive market knowledge and industry contacts, we have a unique insight and are so much better prepared to launch. I am convinced the exercise will not only help us to maximise the opportunity, but will save us from making mistakes that would have been a lot less obvious but for the benefit of Beacon Consulting guiding the way.Darren Crook, Director

Unifying leaders behind one vision for growth

The team and myself benefitted greatly from the insightful approach of Beacon Consulting’s team coaching development sessions. With a rapidly evolving working environment and a changing team of people, it is more important than ever that we understand one another’s unique ways of working and approach to enable us to work together in the most collaborative and effective way. The session was enlightening, very engaging and supported by post workshop support that really helped to co-create the message with the team and as a result we have seen some really positive headway.
Victoria Taylor, Marketing Director, Matrix

Facilitating a new team and customer engagement plan

We are growing rapidly and needed support in defining the right business model going forward that would delight both our customers and also be lived passionately by our team. Beacon Consulting helped us to refine our focus, create a compelling vision as well as define our three core priorities for growth. The research that Beacon Consulting did into our customer base, their marketing insights as well as helping us to really commit to what we want to be famous for was invaluable.Nadia Shanteer, Blo Bar Founder and Managing Director.