5 Ways to Stay Focused During the Holidays

Now in the midst of the holiday season, you may well be juggling more than normal – summer parties, travelling, childcare if you have children and of course work. You may even feel like you’re losing some focus, especially with so many other colleagues (and often the boss!) on holiday.

So, if for whatever reason, you feel your motivation is waning, take 5 minutes out to explore our top 5 tips to help you keep your mojo during the summer season…

1. Take time to switch off

Without a break, you will not be as recharged as you could be to take on September’s challenges. Dr Sabine Sonnentag, professor for work and organisational psychology at the University of Mannheim, Germany found that taking time off “helps employees stay energetic, engaged and healthy, even when facing high job demands. Without a holiday, cognitive dysfunction takes place; you’re not as vigilant, nor able to work as quickly”.

2. Reflect on your “why”

Take some time to reflect on all you and your team has achieved so far this year. What picture of success can you paint that energises you and can motivate others too? It can be all too easy to lose sight of your compelling purpose in the every day treadmill of your to do list. What makes what you do meaningful to you? If you are struggling to find an answer, reflect on what you need to do differently to provide the meaning you seek.

3. Think big and prioritise

Think about what success looks like if you get to where you want to go and prioritise what you need to do to get you there. What does it feel like and what are the consequences if you don’t succeed? Ensure that you are not trying to achieve too many objectives. Every stakeholder in your business should be clear on the vision and of the one or two big objectives set.

4. Create positive energy

Spend more time with those people who make you feel energised and find out why. How can you bring some of their energy if needed to your team? Take “smart” breaks, scheduling your day with short periods of downtime to allow yourself to refuel your brain. Did you know that 60% is the amount by which your creativity is boosted when walking, compared with trying to generate ideas while sitting down?* So take a walk a let those creative juices flow.

5. Highlight your team’s progress

Now you may be more than midway through a project, how can you help your team think differently about any hurdles you face? What are the mini-milestones that you have reached already? According to Harvard Business school research, helping people see what they have achieved and highlighting their specific progress can be the single most important influencer on how someone feels about their work. Go forward with a growth mindset, fully recharged and refuelled.

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