5 Ways to Unlock the Talents of Millennials

Some define millennials as those born around the turn of the new century. Others include ‘Generation Y’, born between 1977 and 1997, who make up almost 50% of our workforce today. However you define the millennial generation, understanding how to appeal to their values and what’s important to them is a must-have if you want to optimise their performance. They are ambitious, demanding and hyperconnected. They firmly believe they can change the world, and many of them have…

Top tips for managing millennials…

1. Provide a strong sense of purpose

According to a survey by Deloitte of 7,800 millennials, the majority said they looked for employers with a strong sense of purpose, not just profit motive. Help your team make a meaningful difference in what they do.

2. Give development opportunities

Offer a variety of development options and let them create their role in partnership with you. Involve them at the outset of the strategy so they help shape it with you. According to Deloitte, 68% of millennials say they want to initiate most of their learning and development.

3. Be flexible

Help them to craft their work-life balance. Many companies employ “work smart” principles, which give you the opportunity to work when, how and where you are at your best.

4. Be an inspiring partner

As more and more of the workforce is made up of digital natives, the need to speak the language of their teams in the form of social media is a must-have. At its core is the need create a community. Add social media into your company’s communication mix, share knowledge digitally and watch their engagement skyrocket.

5. Speak their language

Instill a strong sense of empowering company values and culture through mentoring and coaching relationships. According to PWC, who polled 4,271 new college graduates, one-third chose training and development as their 1st choice benefit other than salary.

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