Proactive wellbeing group coaching. A proactive approach to resilience and wellbeing.

Become a better learner

People with a high level of psychological, emotional and mental health are known to be more creative and able to give their best in both their personal and professional lives.

In a virtual and hybrid way of working especially, research shows that we can face an increasing number of psychological and emotional demands that can lead to stressful outcomes. At the same time, with intentionality and a growth mindset, we can learn healthier habits and processes that help us to be more creative, more focused and build better relationships. 

Learn the foundations of flourishing

This 6 week virtual programme teaches sustainable wellbeing and resilience skills and strategies, blending the latest approaches in cognitive behavioural, positive psychology and somatic coaching with the ancient power of yogic wisdom.

Turn old habits into new more helpful pathways

Learn practises that can fit into a personalised tool-kit of wellbeing and be part of how you live and work as opposed to another thing to do on your to do list. We don’t need any more of those!

resilience coaching

There are three bite-size 90 minute coaching modules every 2 weeks with a personalised resilience assessment and audio kits as part of the learning. Learning a range of mindful and breathing techniques are part of the programme. Be paired too with a coaching buddy to help you stay accountable.


Crystallise motivation and meaning

You'll learn:


The power of mindset and mood

You'll learn:


Create an abundance not deficit approach

You'll learn:

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