Virtual and hybrid team coaching
Build collaborative and connected teams with coaching.

Coach the connections.
Empower the team.

Research shows that communication, collaboration and ineffective leadership challenges are far more common in virtual and hybrid teams. Our coaching makes sure that’s not the case in your organisation.

Coach the whole team

In this 6 - 9 month tailored programme, we use a systemic team coaching framework to help your teams consider both their internal team dynamics and external stakeholders, using those insights to support teams to improve in areas that matter most to them and their stakeholders.

Team Connect 360 diagnostic

We use a Team Connect 360 diagnostic at the outset to ensure we bring all key stakeholders ‘into the room’ and co-create the most effective way forward, optimising the ‘resources’ of the team to address the increasing ‘demands’ that they face.


Teams craft more purposeful ways to collaborate and connect. They align on common purpose, with a deeper sense of team identity and belonging and enhance their collective performance and wellbeing. They learn to build deeper relationships and more effective ways of engaging with key stakeholder groups to jointly transform their business.

We find the best ways of doing all this in a virtual and hybrid environment.

Executive Leadership Coaching Cass Coulston

Shorter more impactful coaching sessions

After an initial inquiry with each team member and a 90 minute discovery session, we create a tailored programme that can be virtual and/or face-face.

This is usually six to nine 120 minute team-crafting coaching sessions across 6-9 months, coupled with one-one coaching sessions with the team leader.

Victoria Taylor,

Marketing Director, Matrix, UK

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It is more important than ever that we understand one another’s unique ways of working

With a rapidly evolving working environment and a changing team of people, it is more important than ever that we understand one another’s unique ways of working and approach to enable us to work together in the most collaborative and effective way. These sessions were enlightening, very engaging, with support that really helped to co-create the message with the team. As a result we have seen some really positive headway.

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